How To Reuse Empty Pill Bottles

Mar. 23, 2021

How To Reuse Empty Pill Bottles

There are many uses for empty pill bottles. You can use them to store coins, office supplies, jewelry, and any other small things. You can also distinguish empty pill bottles, including giant crayons and nail polish remover.

Store with empty pill bottles

Prepare an empty pill bottle. Before using the pill bottle again, heat some water to a boil, pour it into the pill bottle, and wait for 60 seconds. Peel off the label, then rinse and dry the empty pill bottle before use.

Put your office supplies in an empty pill bottle. Many people put loose things in the drawer, such as paper clips, thumbtacks, etc. But these items are difficult to find unless they are properly collected. Empty pill bottles are a good way to store these office supplies. If you want, you can mark what's inside with a marker on the top of each empty pill bottle.

Hide a spare key in the container. Put the spare key in the pill bottle. Plant it on the lawn behind your house, or somewhere on the side of the road. Don't bury too deep. The white top of the pill bottle should be parallel to the ground. Put a fist-sized stone on the pill bottle and place it in a place that doesn't seem inappropriate.

This way you can hide a spare key outside the house. If you are locked outside, you can use this key to go back inside.

Hiding the key in the pill bottle can prevent rain because rain will make the key rust.

Put jewelry and cosmetics in the pill bottle. Hair clips, hair bands, and other small fashion accessories are often difficult to store properly because they can be lost in ordinary drawers and storage containers. An empty pill bottle is a perfect container for these things. One can hold hair clips, the other can hold earrings, and so on. If you want, you can put a label on each one so you know what's inside.

If you have a taller empty pill bottle, you can put your eyeliner and makeup brush in it.

Put the cotton swab in the pill bottle. Cotton swabs are very useful for cleaning small tubes and delicate objects. But their small size also makes them difficult to store. Most people just put them in a packed box, but if you want to put them in a more accessible place, you can put them in an empty pill bottle.

If you can't seal the pill bottle with the bottle cap, that's okay. You can put the pill bottle on the bathroom cabinet, recycle the cap, or put it somewhere for safekeeping (in case you want to use the empty pill bottle for other purposes).

Fill your empty pill bottle with travel lotion. If you are traveling, you usually can't bring ordinary containers of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. You can buy travel versions of this products-or you can save a little bit and just stuff these hygienic plasmas into empty pill bottles.

Put your earplugs into the empty pill bottle. Putting earplugs into a backpack, handbag or pocket may cause the earplugs to become entangled or damaged. Instead, extend your earbuds to their maximum length and untie any knots. Fold them in half three to four times and put them in the empty pill bottle. This way your earplugs are safe and can be used next time.

Store the seeds in an empty pill bottle. If you are a master flower planter, you may need to store some seeds for the next season. Put the dried and washed seeds into the empty pill bottle. Place the container in a cool and dry place. This ensures their safety and can be used at any time when the season changes.

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How To Reuse Empty Pill Bottles

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