The secret in the pill bottle: Do you know the cotton in the pill bottle?

Aug. 09, 2021

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After the pill bottle is opened, there will be a small bag of desiccant or a small ball of cotton inside. Their role, everyone knows is to keep the medicine dry. So, how do you deal with desiccant or cotton after the medicine bottle is opened? Most people continue to keep it in the medicine bottle. But this approach is wrong!


What does cotton do?

Before the pill bottle is unopened:

The main purpose of placing the desiccant is to prevent water vapor from entering or to absorb a small amount of water vapor into the vial.

In addition to preventing water vapor, placing cotton is also to avoid powdering of the medicine due to collision in the transportation process.


How to dispose of cotton after opening

However, if the medicine bottle is opened, the desiccant or cotton must be discarded immediately.

According to the regulations of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), once the drug is opened, the cotton and desiccant in the bottle must be discarded immediately, otherwise, they will retain water vapor in the vial due to their ability to absorb water vapor, which will easily make the drug damp. Deterioration becomes a source of pollution in the pill bottle!


The correct storage method of bottled drugs

In addition, after the medicine bottle is opened, the correct storage method is also very important in order not to lose the medicinal properties. In the storage conditions of the drug instructions, we usually see the words "shading, avoiding light, airtight, normal temperature, shade, refrigeration, cool and dark place". So how are these defined?


Room temperature: temperature 10-30℃;

Refrigeration: The temperature should be controlled at 2-10℃;

Cool and dark place: avoid light and the temperature does not exceed 20℃;

Shady and cool place: the temperature does not exceed 20℃;

Shading: The container for the medicine needs to be opaque;

Avoid light: avoid direct sunlight;

Airtight: The container for the medicine is sealed so that no dust and foreign matter can enter;

Sealing: The container of medicine should be sealed to prevent weathering, moisture absorption, volatilization, or foreign matter from entering.

Melt seal or tight seal: The container filled with medicine should be fused or sealed with suitable materials to prevent the intrusion of air and moisture and prevent pollution.


Generally, for drugs that need to live in "normal temperature" and "shadow", they can be directly placed in a cool place at home and out of the sun; but for those drugs that are marked as "refrigerated", then you must put it in the refrigerator to prevent the medicine from failing.


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