Why should we pay more attention to improving mechanization

Sep. 08, 2020

The production of the plastic bottles includes many processes, including production, inspection, gasket (part of the cover needs), and packing. Most of the processes are single and repetitive.

Foerhao uses machinery to work with employees and reduce physical labour, and even some devices are intelligent.

Production process

All machines are installed with robot arms and conveyor belts. Here are the advantages:

(1)Machines take out products from moulding instead of people, which prevent employees from injury.

(2)The robot arms and conveyor belts can cooperate efficiently with devices. Machines take out products from moulding instead of people with the device to improve production efficiency.

(3)Machines can reduce the physical labour of employees.


We use AOI machines to ensure that each product size is within the standard range, instead of judging whether the whole group of products is qualified by the sampling method, which eliminates the disadvantages of sampling. According to customer packaging requirements, the machines put the specified quantity of products in each bag.

The machines also record the test data, and we can change the technical parameters of the producing equipment.


Some cups need putting aluminium foil gaskets to improve the sealing of the bottle. Generally, companies ask employees to put the gasket in the cups. The workload is enormous, and there is a potential risk of missing or excessive release. The use of Gasket Inserting Machine in Foerhao solves the problems in the process, which reduces the physical labour of employees, and dramatically improves the efficiency.

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