200mL HDPE Double Bodies Pill Bottle-06200200mL HDPE Double Bodies Pill Bottle-06200200mL HDPE Double Bodies Pill Bottle-06200200mL HDPE Double Bodies Pill Bottle-06200

200mL HDPE Double Bodies Pill Bottle-06200

Product Details

Product Introduction

(1)Material: Multiple suppliers to ensure the adequacy and stability of raw materials.

(2)Color: We will produce products according to the requirements of customers.

(3)Size: We have a range of Standard Double Bodies Pill Bottles to meet the market demand. If we do not stock of the size mold, we would like to make new size mold for you according to your requirement.

(4)Machine: HDPE Double Bodies Pill Bottle is produced by high-speed pure electric injection blowing machines, which greatly increases the production capacity.

(5)Packing: Generally, it is packed in two sterile plastic bags and put into the packing box.

Quantity (pcs / box)Packing Box Size (cm)

(6)Production lead time: In general,30-45 days after confirming the order details. If customer need product urgently, our sales will adjust with production team at first time to help you.


(1)Complete qualifications and trustworthy.

(2)Pure electric injection blow molding machines in 20000m2 D class workshops.

(3)100% Use robotic arms to grab products from the mold to the conveyor belt.

(4)100% Inspect the product by the AOI machine.

(5)100% Laboratory testing.

(6)13000m2 Storage capacity.


(1)DMF III Certification approved by FDA.200mL HDPE Double Bodies Pill Bottle-06200

(2)Pharmaceutical packing material and container register certificate by CFDA.

(3)Food QS certificate-national production license for industrial products (plastic containers for food).

(4)Export Licensed of the People's Republic Of China.

Tianjin Foerhao Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd. is specializing in producing PE, PET, and PP bottles under D class clean rooms. We are one of the broadest plastic bottles to meet the needs of our customers. Professional R&D team to help solve customer packaging problems. Best quality products and services to our customers. It's our pleasure to develop customized products for individual needs and requirements.

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